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Share the Wonder

Friends of the Columbia Gorge's $6.6M campaign to acquire land, restore habitat, and build new trails.


If we are to ensure the Columbia Gorge remains a natural wonder, we must protect it while inspiring younger generations and new leaders to carry on this critical work in the years and decades ahead.

The time is now to permanently protect land, restore and expand habitat to strengthen climate resilience, build new trail networks to benefit Gorge communities, and offer new opportunities for all to be immersed in and inspired by the grandeur of the Gorge.

This is the vision of Share the Wonder. Click/tap the button below to watch the campaign anthem video.

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Preserving Land
for Future Generations

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Restoring Habitat for
Native Wildlife and Plants

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Expanding the Network
of Trails Around the Gorge

  • Heartleaf Bluffs, by Paloma Ayala
  • Heartleaf Bluffs, by Paloma Ayala
  • Heartleaf Bluffs, by Paloma Ayala

preserving land for
future generations

Land acquisition plays a vital role in protecting and preserving the breathtaking beauty of the Gorge so that it remains a vibrant, wild, and wondrous place and a source of inspiration and enjoyment for generations to come.

The time is now to preserve more lands around the Gorge.

The jewel of Share the Wonder—a stunning 105-acre cliffside property just west of the Klickitat River near Lyle, Washington—came on the market in June 2023. Originally slated for two multi-million-dollar homesites, Friends acted quickly to secure a loan to purchase the property before it was subdivided for development.

This new preserve, which we’re calling Heartleaf Bluffs, has majestic views of the Eastern Gorge and is recognized for its high climate resilience and potential to provide a pivotal connection in our Gorge Towns to Trails vision.

  • Lyle Cherry Orchard
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Habitat Restoration

restoring habitat for native
wildlife & plants

In 2020, Friends’ acquired two spectacular properties: Cape Horn, which blankets the side of a bluff and offers magnificent vistas of the Gorge, and Catherine Creek, one of the most visible landscapes in the Eastern Gorge. Each holds extraordinary opportunities for habitat restoration and accessible recreation.

Share the Wonder lays the groundwork to transform these properties into havens for native wildlife. By establishing oak woodlands, removing invasive species, and reintroducing native plants, our work made possible by generous donations to Share the Wonder will set the stage for natural recovery of these lands and make them more resilient in the face of climate change.

  • Gorge Towns to Trails

expanding the network of trails
across the Gorge

In 2011, Friends of the Columbia Gorge launched Gorge Towns to Trails, an ambitious initiative to create a world-class network of trails encircling the Gorge.

Gorge Towns to Trails has been designated as an “Oregon Signature Trail” by the Oregon Trails Coalition. Once completed, the 200-mile loop trail network will connect Gorge communities with recreation, promote sustainable transportation options, help preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region, and create a spectacular hiking experience for both residents and visitors.

A trail linking the Eastern Gorge towns of Mosier and The Dalles is one of the most critical gaps in the loop. Filling this gap with a trail would mark a major milestone in this visionary project. Your contribution to Share the Wonder will be instrumental in the trail planning phase with the U.S. Forest Service, including identifying trail corridors and conducting land surveys to map geologic hazards, wetlands, and other natural infrastructure that will dictate trail routing.

Share the Wonder
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Explore our interactive map to learn more about our key campaign properties and other Friends preserves.


Discover how members of the Friends community are coming together around a shared vision for the future of the Gorge with passion and generosity.

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  • We have long supported Friends because we believe we all need to preserve this amazing place for future generations, but having the opportunity to preserve Heartleaf Bluffs and restore Cape Horn through Share the Wonder felt particularly apropos because it is something we can do to protect the Gorge right now.

    Jan & Steve Oliva
  • Lucy Nonnenkamp

    I became a donor to Share the Wonder to provide future generations an opportunity to experience the Gorge. There’s something for everyone in this natural treasure.

    Lucy Nonnenkamp
  • Marjory and Mark Morford

    The Gorge is a special place for us with the wind and water sports, hiking, mountain biking, wildflowers, river and waterfalls. We are excited to help protect a piece of the Gorge by giving to Heartleaf Bluffs through the Share the Wonder campaign.

    Marjory and Mark Morford
  • Bebe Chiarito and Jim Marquard

    To be able to share the wonder by ensuring the Gorge stays accessible and that more beautiful pieces of it are procured is the wonder that has kept our Gorge love affair compelling. The Gorge fills us in a way like no other with wonder.